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Building contractors roof repairs Pretoria

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Leaking roof repair

Ceiling replacement


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Pieces of timber usually SA pine 38mm x 38mm or 38mm x 50mm laid and nailed across the top chords of the trusses at 90º at a spacing to suit the roof covering but less than 540mm onto witch the roof covering is fixed or hooked and typically used in roof or tile applications.

Bottom chord

The part of the truss that forms the bottom edge that joins the two heel joints and support the ceiling - also called the tie-beam.


The members fixed to several  adjacent trusses usually at a 45º angle to make the roof stable and to prevent buckling of compression members.


Same as battens but fixed to the bottom chord to support the ceiling.

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MHS Contractors
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How to waterproof a roof

This is always a touchy subject for any home or building owner. Waterproofing tends to be one of the trades that are mostly overlooked when building, not only in the design phase, but throughout the building process resulting in a number of failures directly attributed to poor or incorrect waterproofing detail, and (or) the incorrect choice of materials or system being used (not fit for the purpose intended). Added to these; poor workmanship and the use of inferior products, in order to save money just make matters worse.

Trying to save money on waterproofing a roofing slab is very short sighted, considering the cost vs. the performance criteria of incorrect or inferior waterproofing systems/products or poor workmanship or lack of detail after the building is complete, is very costly and in some instances impossible, unless one literally starts all over again.

Waterproofing has advanced tremendously in recent years, from membranes, coating and systems. Leaving the contractor or home owner with many different options available, ensuring a roofing slab is completed free of waterproofing defects and the ingress of water.

If you are insure of what system would be best suite your specific application, consult with architect or structural engineer or a reputable waterproofing contractor or manufacturer for advice.

Waterproofing can be used in a number of different applications, which include vertical and horizontal surfaces.

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Experts in roof repairs and waterproofing of roofs


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It is the top of a truss (roof) where the two chord (rafters) meet.

Barge board
Abarge bord is a sloping roof trimfixed in lengths along the edge of a gable to cover the exposed timbers or as some describe as an ornamental board along the gable end of a roof.

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Experts in roof repairs and waterproofing of roofs

Technical advice on roofing

A little bit of info regarding water damage on tiled roofs. One thing that any contractor must look at is to start off to determine if the specific roof is build according to building regulations. Just a small hint, you can not fit a concrete tiled roof on less than 17º. If a roof is between 17º & 25º, then it is mandatory to fit under tile sheeting. If the roof is above 26º, then under tile sheeting is recommended. You need to have a roof expert looking at your roof to determine what the problem is. There is a lot of different spesifications to a roof to make sure your roof is in  top condition.

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Green Friendly Ceiling Designs by MHS Contractors

Today’s culture is engaging more and more with environmentally friendly projects and options in sustainable living to ensure a lower carbon footprint. Design and lifestyle are a big part of this as each one takes responsible living seriously to try and do their part in preserving our world. This means that architectural design is constantly exploring and investigating materials and design that assists in sustainable projects. As such ceiling designs have been carefully considered by professionals to make sure that this is providing the best possible solutions.

So what are the green roofing options that architects, designers and builders are using these days?

To be eco-friendly when it comes to roofing it means your roofing should provide insulation and cooling to prevent having to turn on the climate control in your house thereby using unnecessary electricity.

Clay tiles are a helpful option for providing a cooler option because of their specially designed curvature and shape, because of this design it allows for extra ventelation and is able to withstand the harshness of direct sunlight which your roof is met with throughout the day.

Rolled plastic sheets and thermoplastc membranes are also helpful for the absorbtion of ultraviolet light. These sheetings are strong and also prevent damage that is normally caused by the out door elements. These sheets also come in specific colours to ensure that the light is reflected off of them so that the heat is not absorbed into the rest of the structure.

Coated metal roofing is also a helpful option, though many people are prone to thinking that this might be more unhelpful than sustainable. The right metal with the correct paint can provide the necessary cooling effect needed. If the metal surface is curved and not flat it will help reflect the light in different directions thereby preventing the absorption of the heat from the sun. The metal roofing also needs to be constructed with several layers to reinforce its function so organic mats and materials are necessary with this type of roofing system and needs to be kept in mind.

To be sure that you are using the most suitable design and material be sure to consult a professional that can provide valuable advice and help you to choose the best alternative for your needs as the region, climate and location can make a big difference.

Roofing Options for Different Climates by MHS Ceiling Contractors

People often underestimate how much of a difference the right ceiling can make as a defence against cold and warm weather. Often the walling, windows and general architecture is taken into account but the roofing is overlooked. Although air flow is important the storing and absorption of the sun’s rays also play an integral part.

In the same way that a couch stays warm and retains body heat in comparison to a metal or plastic chair so the materials used for your roofing does the same which is why you need to consider your climate and what materials will best suite your situation. According to professionals roofing tiles that are made of material that is overlaid with asphalt for example will retain heat and transfer it into the rest of the housing structure providing insulation for those colder months. There are newly developed materials that do the same job when it comes to keeping out the heat in those warm summer months. Cool-roof coatings are such an example and act as an umbrella over your house. Foam sprays and even specific paints or reflective surfaces are equipped to prevent the absorption of heat to help your house remain cool. Roof painting also plays a role in this process as certain types of paint and colours absorb and retain heat more than usual so even when it comes down to the finishing touches one should consider the best option.

There are many benefits to the correct roofing and ceiling instillations, not only do these applied methods ensure heat or natural cooling but they are also durable and a great energy saver which help when it comes to electricity saving. So if you live in an area with lots of sunshine or a region that is more prone to cold weather throughout the year it is wise to look into the different roofing options and the advantages that they can play in the functioning of your housing needs.